How much.. before you break?


Have you ever wondered.. how much you can take before you crack before you break? I do, I wonder all the time. I keep thinking I’ve finally hit my breaking point, one more crack, but some how, I still manage to hold together. But for how long yet?
I’m tired. I’m so tired of trying to hold it all together.


I’m tired of trying to fight to make doctors understand I’m not just being lazy or choosing not to work. That I loved my job and I would be so happy if I could manage to go back to work. I loved that I’d get compliments at how fast I picked up on the programming or how good I did my job. And the money .. well, the money was way better working than not.

How do I make you see what I feel every single day. Waking up in pain and knowing it will do nothing but get worse as the day goes on?
How do I make you understand the constant fight it is for me to not just give up and refuse to go on another day? Do I have to flip out, crack, break? What will take to make you see that I’m struggling not to break.


How much can YOU take before you BREAK!?

Pose by: Infiniti-Dust in the Wind-Pose/Prop Set

What  Munky is wearing:

**RE** Aeternum Female Bracelet
*P* Facial Piercing ~ Eye Diamonds ~8 Metals/9 Gem Colors~
AD – rae – BLACKS
Brat Expressions Necklace (silver)
CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.9Fixed [Upgradable]
[PF] <Mocha> – Morgana – CATWA Head Applier
Ear Chains L
Ear Chains R
EarthStones Eternally Bridal Set – Black Diamond
EarthStones Perfect Fit Necklace – Hers/Silver
Lip-Piercing Double-row Diamond/Platinum
Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.4
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
[PF] <Mocha> – MAITREYA Lara Applier (CURVY)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.4 – L – Elegant1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5 – R – Relaxed
[reink] Ball Ring (small)_EYEBROW
[reink] Ball Ring (small)_EYEBROW
[reink] Ball Ring (small)_LIP
[reink] Ball Ring (smallest)_TRAGUS
~Proclivity~ Ribbons n Lace Collar

Blueberry – Group Gift – Shoes Maitreya Flat
Blueberry – Shoulder Jacket – Maitreya – FP
Blueberry – Tank Top – Maitreya – FP
Blueberry / Tink / Rolled Cuff – Maitreya

Izzie’s – CATWA Tears Applier

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