As she crawls into bed alone ..

.. she lays awake wondering what use to occupy her mind before he invaded it. She didn’t know. All she knows now is that he consumes her. He is in her thoughts and in her dreams and even though she knows she needs to stop thinking about him, she can’t.  So she flips across her bed and starts to write in her diary .. “I’d do anything to cuddle up to you, lay my head on your chest, and fall asleep right now. ”  .. after she finishes she lay back in bed and still can only think of him.



What Munky is wearing:
SLC(Serina Lacava Collectin)– Amazing Sexy Lingerie(Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/&Omega)5colors Black/Red/White/Pink/&Blue(check them out on Facebook)


*SL* Teddy Bear Gacha – Sweet Lies Box 8 RARE


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