Skateboarding ..

Skateboarding teaches
the lessons of life better than anything else…
Sometimes things come naturally, easily.
Sometimes it takes just one try.
Sometimes it takes just one try.
Other times, you fall.
So you get up, and you try again.
And again.
And again.
You push harder. You make adjustments.
And give yourself time to breathe.
You acknowledge the risks, but set the fear aside.
Because you know how the reward will feel.
You know that it’s worth it.

I seen this pose, and its promoted for a guy, but I decided I was going to blog it myself,  and it worked out pretty good too!

Catherine Cropped Hoodie & Sweats

[AF] (Anny’s Fashion on MP) – Cathrine Sweatpants and Crop Hoodie *FATPACK*- Maitreya, Belleza,& Slink – 7 color Hud for top & pant


Design Set & Pose:
YC Steel Garage Backdrop
[B.B]>Urban Skater< – 1-5

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