Fallen Leaves

Leaves on the trees turning from yellow to brown
With a stiff wind soon on the ground
Rustling, rustling
A pile of leaves so neatly collected
Beckoning me so they’re not neglected
Rustling, rustling
I jump I jump so gleefully
In a daze of joy so peacefully
To which I must admit this practice I adore
Now the leaves askew and beckoning no more
Until next year my beautiful foes
Rustling, rustling as the wind blows

Summer is my favorite season for the most part, but when fall rolls around I have such fond memories from my childhood of playing in piles of leaves.. and the smell when they’d rake them to the road and burn them. Fall was also the time of year for our “Harvest Festival” *sighs wistfully*  Those were the days.

This pose from Image Essential is fantastic.. it comes as ground cover leaves you “sit” on then has a hud with multiple choices for poses with scattered leaves!! You can also have 2 people on it with 2 different pose choices for 2 people.

And this outfit from Le Fashion Whore was the perfect fall playing in the leaves outfit!! I love the leopard lining for the jacket and pants. There of course are other design choices. 




~Le Fashion Whore~ Elsa Puffer Jacket – Hud with 5 metal colors, 12 coat colors, 8 lining colors, 12 plain top colors, & 10 pattern colors – Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink @Frost Fair
~Le Fashion Whore(onMP) Anna Leggings – 13 legging colors, 12 solid inset colors, &
pattern inset designs that match the pattern lining for the jacket – Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink @Frost Fair

Tooty Fruity – Fur Ankle Boots 6

*TKW* Dubet

Design Set & Poses:
Heart Giant Forest Oak
IE(Image Essentials) – Fallen Leaves – 6 single poses & 2poses for2 people @Frost Fair

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