Peace on Earth

Do you hear the bells they’re ringing? (peace on earth)
The life the angels singing (peace on earth)
Open up your heart and hear them (peace on earth)
Peace on earth, good will to men
Peace on earth, peace on earth
Peace on earth, Good will to men

Hey everyone its that time.. December 1st and the start of the Peace on Earth Hunt!  How awesome is that?  There are SO many designers in this hunt with so many great items you definitely can’t go wrong. PoE is the longest running gridwide hunt in SL!! 

This log cabin in townhouse still is 2 story-2 room, its narrow so would fit easily on a narrow lot with room left for outdoor space. The joy sign is gorgeous and perfect for decorating the holiday season. The “poinsetta” wreaths are a beautiful red in color with faint lights and are copyable so can be used in multiple areas. The potted tree is resizable so you can use it like I did outside, or you’d also be able to size it down and put it on a table for decorating indoors! This bench comes in 6 versions – wood/aluminum/wood&iron/dark metal/& rusty metal, it also has 5 female sits & 4 male poses. Definitely a great addition indoors or out.

At the landing point you can find a list of the designers and the Hints on finding their items!


PoE Items – Landing Point

Dragon Magick Wares Holiday Townhouse – #204: Dragon Magick Wares
Hint: Where did I put my Lindens again?

Christmas Delights – Peace & Joy Wall Art, 2017 – #274: Christmas Delights
Hint: Joy lights up my life!

Z.O.E. Poinsettia Wreath – #163: Zanne’s Odds & Ends
Hint: Am I a globe or an ornament? o.O

Storax Tree – Potted Holiday Tree w Candles & Lights E w/resize script  – #014: StoraxTree
Hint: Look at the other globe below this one

OHeMO on MP – Anholt bench -There are 6 versions of this bench: iron, aluminium, wood/alu, wood/iron, dark metal and rusty metal.
5 female and 4 male sit poses included – #060: Ohemo
Hint: Turn around… I just might be holding the place up.

Additional Design Set:
1958, Vintage Truck
Heart Giant Forest Oak – Copse 1
Heart – WW – Deep Forest Pine 10

=Zenith=Long sweater scarf with Dress (Choco) @ UBER
=Zenith=Ombre Boot with Sock (Choco) @UBER

:::Phoenix::: Charlotte Hair Browns @Tannenbaum




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