Peace on Earth .. (hunt)

I have searched high and low for peace on Earth Experienced suffering, questioned its worth From war to poverty, I have seen it all Yet none the closer, still against that wall Until I discovered peace within, And understood immediately realms unseen That the world is a reflection of our inner state War exists because we harbor hate

The Peace on Earth Hunt began December 1st, there are SO SO many wonderful creators/items in this hunt you don’t want to miss out!

At the Landing Point/Start you’ll find .. a small, wintery space, utilizing some of our Designers’ items. You can get the latest copy of the hint list here, donate to the hunt here, or just hang out in the snow. This is your hunt, so this is your little space to enjoy the beginning, the middle, the end… wherever.

The featured Sim is Baskinta: An Experiment in World Peace is a LEA land-grant sim awarded to Wrennoir Cerise and Good Cross for their concept based on the city of Baskinta, a war-torn city in Lebanon which had nurmerous positive effects achieving peace through transcendental meditation. The sim is designed and decorated by Ayla Zhoy, Morgan Whitfield, and Wrennoir Cerise. Feel free to explore the sim, and in the room that you find the board with the hint list, you will also find several free gifts provided by generous designers for the Baskinta project. This may not be a wintery/holiday sim, but Baskinta is the epitome of the Peace that we look for in the *Peace* On Earth Hunt.

The items I have for you here are so nice! The ottoman from Z.O.E. has a 8 color hud to change the top/bottom half of the ottoman separately from each other! This festive skybox by Z.O.E. is awesome there is a whole other room on the other side of the fireplace wall.. You’ll be seeing more of this in future post. 

The candy cane wreathe by PaperMoon is gorgeous, as is the Holiday Joy Table set by Union Station. HHVET Victoria has a wonderful wall hanging “Always Stay Humble and Kind” which I love, and a beautiful potted plant!

Topping off this cozy look is Kitty Creations gorgeous Accent Chair with an 8 color hud for the pillows! 

Design Set:
Z.O.E. Festive Winter Skybox – @POE(start point)
Z.O.E. Louise Ottoman Christmas Edition – @POE
– #163: Zanne’s Odds & Ends
Hint: Am I a globe or an ornament? o.O

*PurpleMoon – CandyCane Wreath @POE
– #063: PurpleMoon Creations
Hint: Yo Ho Ho, matey! Hurry and hunt down the lady pirate that’s running away with your booty!

-Kitty Creations – Accent Chair – White – Glam Pillows – 8 color HuD for pillows- @POE
– #038: Kitty Creations
Hint: You’ll find me where the two world almost touch.

:::Union Station::: – Holiday Joy Set -@POE
– #132: Union Station
Hint: It’s the PURRR=fect place

HHVET Victoriana – Humble Wall Art – @POE
HHVET Victoriana – Humble Potted Plant – @POE
– #230: HHVET Victoriana
Hint: The morning can’t begin without coffee

extras design stuff:
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult
LISP – Mesh – Newspaper and Coffee – Lemon with steam


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