Peace on Earth ..(hunt)


Hey Everyone.. there is still time to get in on the Peace On Earth hunt! .. you have till the 31st.. there are so many great items why not go ahead nd get in on that when it doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll have super cute Christmas decorations for next year! Not to mention the clothing items, gorgeous gowns and super cute sweater outfits.. dresses.. all sorts of cute stuff!
The fireplace w/rug has nice animations, and has Pizza/wine or Treats(donuts and coffee/cocoa).. even has a pet kitty animations with a rezzing Kitty. and 4 other relaxed animations.





Just wanted to get an up close and personal picture of the gorgeous bonbon server and the mile and cookie plate for Santa so you can see how cute it really is!!

The Fireplace has a rug that lets you read a christmas book, pet a kitty, or snack on Pizza & wine or donuts and hot cocoa!

You can change whole table, top or legs separately .. Light/Dark/Driftwood/Black/Grey/White/Red/Green/or Blue

Design Set: (Peace on Earth Landing- this is where you’ll get a list w/hints for everything)
~PPC~ Christmas Bookcase – with Hud to change the main shelf color to Beige/Black/DkBrown/or LtBrown – #092  Hint: Feeling a little chilly? Come Cozy up to a warm fire with a loving kitty.
*CM* Xmas Chaise Lounge&Rug – 3 single sits and 3 couple poses – #140: Creative Mime
Hint: On a winter’s day, a cup of this warms your soul

Schadenfreude Pine Tree Table
-OPd Mesh- “Angels Heard on High” Holiday BonBon Server – serves Cherry Cordial/Mint Choc/OrangeChoc/& Red Velvet – #215 Hint: Peace can be found in Nature.
*PAN* Santa’s Cookies – #234
Hint: What do you call an angry monkey? A furious George! 

True North Designs – Christmas Joy Fireplace – with rug & christmas deco on mantle – #009 Hint: ‘Gee, I dunno. This place smells pretty fishy to me!’
BM(Beyond Majestic) – May your Christmas be bright: Santa & pals set-Merry Christmas corner shelf
– 1/2 spindle table w/Deer
 – wood tree wall hanging – #241:
Hint: I love winter, its the perfect time to plan for something New and exciting!

Non-PoE items:

Scarlet Creative – Catskills Lodge 0.2
JIAN – Christmas Tree 2017 Decorated
Z.O.E. Christmas Gifts Display Small
[DDD] Polygonal Deer Head @past FLF
{what next} December Potted Poinsettia


2 thoughts on “Peace on Earth ..(hunt)

  1. I’d forgotten all about this hunt so thanks for reminding me, Munky. I used to do it and enjoyed it. Fortunately there is still time, as you say 🙂 Can always use the prizes next year.

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