Queen of her own life..

One day she finally grasped
that unexpected things
were always
going to happen in life.
And with that, she realized
the only controle she had
was how she chose to handle them.
So, she made the decidion
to survive
using courage, humor, and grace.
She was the Queen of her own life
and the choice was hers.


[AF] Hirana Leather MiniHomper and Jacket *fatpack* – Maitreya, Belleza(all), Slink(all), TMP, & Standard XXS-L – 8 color HuD for Jacket & Homper – 3 metal colors
*JB*(Just Because) – Anna Boots – Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink – HuD has 12 boot, 14 sock, 4 metal button, 2 sole, & 2 zipper colors

Magika-Seven Days

[B.B]-Pose Pack Yahoska @Hashtag

Design Set:
Salacity – Seamless Photo Background – All in One Megapack with 31 different backgrounds @Posevent till Jan. 10th
also available in the following packs
-Great Greys
-Retro yearbook
-Vintage Elegance
-the seasonal is only available in the Fatpack


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