New Year’s Resolutions

Winds shriek down the narrow lane,
mist covers many a window pane,
holding smears and dust at bay,
while camouflaging rut and decay.

The newscasters predict heavy snow.
Temperatures dip to zero and below,
inviting the flu and common cold
into putting holiday cheers on hold.

Sizzling hot fireworks light up the sky.
People seek cover to stay warm and dry,
tucking past year’s missed goals away,
to recycle them on New Year’s Day.
~by Helga Schierloh

I’ve been sick since Christmas with a cold, I started taking Zinc and Vitamin C right away and I think that actually helped it not get full blown into whatever it was.. I was just Snapshot_008stuffy and drained! I wish in real life I’d had some awesome onsie PJ’s like the ones I have on here from Pink Cream Pie! They are so CUTE! and come in so many different colors. Fatpack or individually.  You can also choose from like 8 different sayings for on the butt flap or  have no sayingat all! Snapshot_004You can set the flap to be accessible to everyone or to owner only as far as being able to click and open it . The panties are a separate purchase also available in the store .. they come in a bunch of solid colors and the print are only available in the fatpack!

Snapshot_002    Look at these gorgeous eyes from Kosmetik! She’s started doing her HuDs differently and they are very nice .. now you can get the packs for specific colors or a variety pack .. there are 5 colors in each pack and Huds for Catwa, Omega, also a set of Mesh eyes and appliers for those in case you don’t already have some! 


!PCP :: Rachael – Fatpack has 8 solids & 4 prints – 8 flap sayings/or none – and access control for public or owner only – also available in individual colors
!PCP (onMP):: May – Fatpack comes in 24 solids & 24 patterns – patterns ONLY avail in FATPACK – solids avail in individual colors

.kosmetik Eyes Charm -comes in Green/Blue/Brown & Variety color pack-5 variations each pack- in HuDs for Catwa, Omega & Mesh with Mesh Eyes @Twe12ve January 12th

Tableau Vivant \\ Veronika hair [messy] – Browns

Izzie’s – Sick Face

*FN*(F**king Ninjas)– Feral Sweetness Pose
[DB]Poses – “love you more than i did before”

Design Set:
Second Spaces – sick day tissues, thermometer, cough drops
Second Spaces – sick day mags, soup, remote
Second Spaces – sick day pills, cough syrup
Get Well Soon Lemon Drink Tray by Sami
ZenCreations– Victorian Dream Bed


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