The Little Branch Sim

First, let me just say how excited I am to have been selected to blog for The Little Branch store 🙂


So, I went to the new sim and wandered around. Its BEAUTIFUL!! But then of course, how could it not be? It’s filled with all the wonderful Little Branch designs.
Part of our blog assignment was to go explore the sim, take a pic, and make a blog about it.. well .. it was so beautiful I couldn’t stop at 1 picture, I went a little overboard, but .. Oh well at least you can see what I’m talking about!

The sim is spectacular and you definitely need to go wander around. There are all kinds of wonderful places for photo opportunities .. places to sit and enjoy the view.


Also, the main store is in a “warehouse” which looks awesome from the outside and when you go in it makes it easy to see the different items and purchase them. And as always you can find them on the MARKETPLACE as well.. but then you wouldn’t get to SEE how beautiful the trees & grass are.. which wandering around the sim Snapshot_041lets you see exactly what you can do with the designs!!  I hope I’ve done a good job and you enjoy the pictures! Make sure to visit the sim and wander through the warehouse and see the wonderful landscaping items.














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