The Potting Shed

The potting shed is her new favorite spot,
soil, seeds, tools and rainbow pots
all waiting for the gardeners magic touch,
to cast her spell and fill them up
with brilliant seeds and garden blooms,
with hopes and dreams, they take no room,
but are essential to the master’s plan.
Nothing can grow in barren sand,
but needs the warmth of summer rain,
the sun to come and shine again.

With garden gloves and large brimmed hat,
she sets to work and just like that
the plants respond to tender care
their buds opening with dazzling flair
to brighten up a dull dark day
and chase those pesky blues away.


LB(The Little Branch)_GiantBeech{Animated}4Seasons – Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall HuD 100% Mesh – @Senses
LB (on MP)_Snakeweed{4Seasons}-Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn HuD
LB_WildGrass{Green}-comes with Dry/Autumn/Green/Lavendar in Fatpack

Design Set:
PILOT – Garden Shed
PILOT – Water Hose
PILOT – Rain Barrel
PILOT – Potted Plant Shelves
PILOT – Garden Tools
PILOT – Fishing Poles
PILOT – Vintage Tackle Box [RED]
Agora prefabs-garden faucet with grass pots

Shown below is the Fall/Autumn versions of the trees & the Snakeweed



The Spring version is  lush green where as the Summer version is realistic in looking a little baked from the sun but still green! .. as you can see below ..

Snapshot_016      Snapshot_017

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