Clarisse is a pegicorn,
about her fate she is forlorn.
She’s not like mom and not like dad,
a fact that makes her o’ so sad.
Her wings are small and not robust,
not like Mom the Pegasus.
Her fur is pink, She’s short on horn,
Not like Dad the unicorn.
Her wings they clack when she does run,
the others tease and have their fun.
Clacky Clacky Pegicorn, the biggest misfit ever born.
And so she cries and plays alone,
wishing, wishing to be all grown.
Oh Mama mama why am I this way,
why won’t the others let me play.
Her momma says we love you dear,
and of those kids have no fear.
They’re narrow minded silly twits,
you have heart, and guts, and wits.
The world is full of friends for you,
to seek them out is what to do.
Friends that love just who you are,
find those friends and you’ll go far.
So Clarisse left the foaling field,
and many friends her search did yield.
A loyal band of different kinds,
the one’s that easy friendship finds.
Bears and sloths and dogs and cows,
they greeted her with sacred vows.
Respect and love that’s what we do,
We are friends, now you are too.
The friends than ran, the friends they played,
they sought adventure day by day.
Her wings still rattle when she runs,
her friends don’t care about that none.
Just call me Clacky, I own that name,
her head held high and without shame.
And with her friend she runs about,
above the clack you hear them shout.
CLACKY, CLACKY PEGICORN, truest friend that’s ever born.
~Found on Jason’s Ramble


You guys .. these stuffies are soooo stinking cute!! There are 2 different Unicorns & 2 different Pegasus’ .. 1 RARE Pegicorn its 50L a pull .. get down there quick and grab you some!

Now lets talk about this dress & harness set from Anny’s Fashion.. WoW .. so many options with the color HuD to switch things up. I’m loving this flower design, but there are some laces, and some solids, definitely a mixture to keep it interesting.

I used Image Essentials kneeling pose whole trying to decide which stuffie to take to bed with me. IE has lots of wonderful poses to fit every need .. and tons of poses with props as well!


[AF](Anny’s Fashions) –  Solama Dress and Harness – Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP, & FitMesh XXS-L
HuD with 15 dress colors & 11 harness colors
[AF] Anaiis Sexy Pants – available in Maitreya, Belleza, & Omega HuDs -available in Black/Blue/Brown/Dark Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/Red/& White

MOoH!  – Pegicorn dolls Gacha @ Twe12ve Jan20th-30th – a gacha with a RARE Pegacorn, and 2 each Unicorn & Pegasus

[monso] – Ann

IE (Image Essentials) – Feeling Blue – Kneeling
~Kneeling&Holding-made by me
~Standing holding- built into Pegicorn

Design Set:
Zen Creations – Victorian Dream Bed

Clarisse and I  crawling into bed, she really is the truest friend that’s every born!



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