Take My Hand {Dance With Me}

Take my hand
And we can go walking
And we can talk about whatever is on your mind
Be my friend, but secretly like me
I wanna catch you staring and make you go all red
I love the way your hair falls in the summer
I’ll treat you like your father treats your mother
And I’m kinda scared of your older brother
Oh yeah

You’re all that I’m needing
You’re all that I’m feeling
And I’ll be the one that’s kicking and screaming
When you have to go every evening
Oh yeah

She walks into the gazebo and sees him there watching. She smiles as she looks around and sees how romantic it looks with the flowing lighted curtains & potted plants. He walks over to her, puts his hands out and says ” Take my hands” as he wraps his fingers around her wrist walking backwards to the middle of the gazebo. As they reach the middle  soft music begins to play and he leans in to whisper in her ear “Dance with me?” She smiles as she reaches her arms up to rest on his shoulders and he wraps his around her waist resting them on her behind. She lets her mind drift wondering what else this evening may bring!


 (the wonderful pose above called “Take my Hand” is available at Fitmesh Designer Expose’ Plus from the 5th through the 25th .. The other pose “Dance With Me” will also be at the Event on the 5th but will open in the main store on the 9th



Liquid ~ Rose Wrists Tattoo – Maitreya, & Omega appliers – your choice to apply on Tattoo, underwear, or clothing layers

Astralia – Matilde Bento Rings – Maitreya – comes with HuDs for the color of the metal/color of the stones/& for hiding/showing different rings & ribbons
*AvaWay* GWEN Ribbon Corset Choker – comes with HuD – 15 Ribbon colors & 8 metal colors

:::Phoenix::: Evelyn Hair

Patchwork Poses – Take My Hand @ FitMesh Designer Expose Plus 5th-25th of March
Patchwork Poses – Dance With Me

Design Set:
:CP: Kara Gazebo – Light
+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Square (White)
+Half-Deer+ Chinese Lantern – Pink
dust bunny . natural habitat . fatpack

What Olyver is wearing:
GAS [Men’s MESH Pants Adam – 3 Colors in 3 Fabrics w/HUD]
GAS [Men’s MESH Jacket Adam – 3x3x12 Colors with HUD]


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