My Secret Place

You never saw my secret place.
The river runs through, dancing
with rocks, making rainbows.

At night the bugs come, hungry
for me. But it’s ok because I’m
happy here. It’s so peaceful.

I long only to be in my secret
place because it’s better here.
No one knows I exist and I like it.

This is where I write. My secret
place likes me too, and it gifts
me with ideas. Inspiration!

You should come. You could be
happy here too. We’d skip rocks
and put our feet in the water.

You’d smile at me and splash my
face playfully. So I’d pin you down
on the ground and kiss you dearly.

I showed you the way but you never
came. Never saw the secret place.
The secret place that I call my heart.
~by John Zeiler


LB_PoplarTree.v1{Animated}*4Seasons @FaMeshed March
LB_Bouton d’or Fatpack
khargo – ruins / no landscaping (also comes with a landscaped version)

Design Set:
JIAN Grey Wolf :: Static Howl
JIAN Grey Wolf :: Static Sleep
Skye Waterfall
Skye Cliff

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