I Wish..

Wish I didn’t feel so helpless
Wish I didn’t act so selfish
Wish I didn’t wring my hands night and day
My hair was a little bit smoother
My jeans fit a little bit looser
And I always knew the right things to say

And I wish I wouldn’t hide what’s been going inside
And I wish you wouldn’t get scared and run away

Wish I was doin’ better with all the things that matter
I guess I got some learnin’ to do
Wish everyone had someone who’ll hold’em and who’ll love’em
The way I’m always gonna love you
I wish wishes came true ~by Point of Grace


sass – bree @Twe12ve
for Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink
-maxi skirt
-summer sandals
-5 color HuD

Grumble- You & Me Infinity Bracelet Copper @Twe12ve
– for right or left – also available in Gold/Silver/ or Pink

*TKW* – Nathanshoes-bracelet

MOoH! Make a Wish Gacha @Twe12ve
 Wishing booth 3LI RARE
 Wish upon a star 3LI RARE
 Wishing heart Love
 Wishing heart hope
 Wishing Heart Wish
 Bulb frame wish Blue
-chair – 2 different versions available – this chair doesn’t
have couple sits but has 6 Male & 5 Female sits
-table – the deco on the table is part of the design


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