Spring Awakening

I heard an owl cry
in the distance,
as the snowdrops nod
to the howling moon,
Wake up!
Fan that spark!
For under winters’ blanket
Spring is blushing
in the dark.
~by Kamini – hello poetry

It’s finally Spring on the calendar although mother nature hasn’t made up her mind yet, for many of us in the US, at least. But I’m so loving the sunny blue skies .. and can’t wait to start seeing the buds on the trees and flowers popping up. 

I’m a new blogger for Sway this is my first post. I love her bright spring colors she uses.  They make me smile and feel happy! I hope you enjoy them too. Also have a better look at the ADORABLE Flower Pot Bunny (butts) .. so cute.. and all you have to do is go do a little hunt at Sway’s to win them!


LB_FigTree{Animated}Seasons @Shiny Shabby now thru April 15th
LB_ WhiteOrchidTree.v2{Animated} @ Sense now thru April 8th
LB_BirdFlower{With Flowers Menu}Snapshot_078

Sway’s [Bertha] Armchair . spring – 3 color HuD
Sway’s [Filis] Table
Sway’s [Creativity] Tea mug . blue
Sway’s [Creativity] Tea mug . yellow
Sway’s [Filis] Magazine
Sway’s [Filis] Tulips . colorful
There is a Hunt going on @ Sway’s and you can win these super adorbs Flower Pot Bunny’s!!  Grab a HuD at the front of the store and shop around the grid to find the hidden eggs to fill up the hud and win the prizes!
Sway’s [Flower Pot Bunny] in Cotton, Charcoal, & MochaSnapshot_077

Jian :: White Tail Deer – Female Adult (Static)
Jian :: Red Fox (Static – Standing L)
Jian :: Red Fox (Static – Sitting R)
Below Items were at past FLFs & Hello Tuesday’s
Chez Moi – Hanging Loveseat Tuareg
*Funky*Junk* Cherry Grove Cottage
Chez Moi – Fairytale Wooden Gazebo – single & couple poses built in

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