Bubble Baths

I find myself slipping
back into the love I had for you
like sliding down the tub
submersing my head
till every sound outside
is muffled and distant
how I love the world below the bubbles
that float on top of the bath
so peaceful, and serene
but I cannot stay under too long
enjoying the separation from reality
for no matter how wonderful it may seem
detached, submersed
eventually I have to come up for air
and hear it all for real,
above the water
~by Bellis Tart


Salacity – Tawdry Tub – All 4 versions of our new Tawdry Tub will be exclusive at the @ XXX Event – April
***Other Versions***
The Tawdry Tub is available in a PG-13 (no adult/sexual animations) version. It is also available in a “tub-only” version that has everything but the shower hardware and animations. These versions are available from Salacity’s main store or Marketplace.

***Customization Available***
If you would like a customized version of Salacity’s Tawdry Tub, please contact Anggy Rasmuson in-world. We are willing to do custom textures/colors, different/additional items for clutter and decor, and other options. ALL custom work will be done based on a quoted rate, with 50% deposit required.

dust bunny . natural habitat . fatpack
dust bunny . natural habitat 2 . fatpack

Elegance Boutique -Lingerie “Megan” – Ivory @ past FiftyLindenFriday


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