All the memories I ponder
and to where I’ve gotten
If there’s anything to fear
It’s to be forgotten

I’ll always know who I am
But will others too?
The answer is so clear to me
It distorts my view

All the friends I’ve gone through
yet no one by my side
But each and every one of them
completes my whole life

I don’t let it get me down
Friends come and go
It’s not that I fear change
I fear being alone.
~by John KerplunkPonder.jpg

FashionNatic – Milly Dress – 52solid/8 ombre main/ 50 laces & pantie colors in HuD
FashionNatic – Karm Boots – 50 Boots/Heels/Straps/Sole&30 laces color HuD

Creative.Touch– Ponder
Apple Spice – Against the Wall

Truth – VIP March – Bewkie

<EMU> Photostudio Plus 2.4 MC w/ grunge int ie6 from Image Essentials

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