Cozy Evening

Rain, lightning and thunder.
Let’s put on some music,
curl up on the couch together
and pretend the sun’s shining.
~by Pandora dO on HelloPoetry

I love how cozy and comfortable this looks, like you really could curl up while its storming outside and enjoy a book or some tv .. the couch is by Salacity and comes with an awesome hud to change the color of the pillows and blankets.. and you can also hid them if you want to! There are also a matching chair, loveseat and footstool to go with it.

The coffee table, end tables, decorative side table, lamps table decor are all from Zanne’s Odds & Ends or Z.O.E. .. she has AH-maaazing deco stuff!! Look at the cropped picture to see the detail on the milk glass bowl and the candle sticks. The colorful side table also comes in a lighter shade, and the lamps come in a nautical look as well, the coffee table & end tables come in a darker shade! 


Z.O.E. 9 Panel Art Frame
Z.O.E. Crazy Cabinet Grunge
Z.O.E. Repurposed Coffee Table
Z.O.E. Repurposed End Table
Z.O.E. Balanced Table Lamp – Earthy
Z.O.E. Milk Glass Catch-All Bowl Tall
Z.O.E. Milk Glass Catch-All Bowl Short
Z.O.E. Flower Candle Holder Tall
Z.O.E. Flower Candle Holder Short

Salacity – Leather Living Room Sofa
dust bunny . coral bottle . blue
dust bunny . potted bromeliad
dust bunny . book pile
dust.bunny . natural habitat 1&2


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