Sonnet of the Fairies

The Moon’s rays silently fall to the ground
Where the Fairies dance and play all Night long
Singing with some sweet beautiful sound
And playing on their harp some pretty song
Where they mingle warmth and love together
Woven into their pretty tapestry
With no angry, cold or mean words ever
Making the world a paradise to see
The Moon casts it’s rays on this sleeping world
And the Fairies sing some sweet lullaby
To hush the world to sleep with pretty words
And the Moon winks to them from the sweet Night sky
While all the world sleeps in a pretty trance
While the Fairies sing to the world and dance

GiuliaDesigns – Fairy @Twe12ve-April
includes Dress&Panties/Leg Wraps/Hair Flowers/Wrist&Shoulder Flowers/ Necklace&Earrings/Winks/Sparkling Glitter/Elf Ears

DHX Studio – Cindy @Twe12ve-April

GO!Makeup @Twe12ve-April
Sweet Kiss Lipstick Makeup 10 Omega&Catwa
Zipska – Eyeyshadow


*Besom ~ Pixie Bun

Khargo – fairy magic tip jar @Twe12ve-April 
khargo – ruins / no landscaping(also comes with a landscaped version)
Sway’s – Wishing Well

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