Ice Cream Break

The best time for ice-cream is….


FashionNatic – Ella
-Maitreya, Bellezae, &Slink- 50 color HuD for main/laces/pocket/straps/cuffs
FashionNatic – Lisa
– Maitreya, Bellezae, &Slink- 60 color HuD for main/40 color trim/waistband/Bow
Reign.– Dahlia Sandals
– Maitreya, Belleza, &Slink – 25 color main/laces/flower
::C’est la vie !:: Chus JK Gacha (jacket on shoulder)

DMP– & ~JP~ Taste It

:::Phoenix::: – Jade

Pseudo-The Town Scene RARE
ANHELO-F01GL-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere(car)
Posed Human Male Dummy
Troy v0.1
guy on bikeSnapshot_024

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