There exists a place on earth
Where one can find true peace
A place away from stress and pain
A place where all of it will cease

For some, it’s near the ocean
That a calm can always be found
The waves carry all the stress away
With that familiar relaxing sound

The coolness of the water,
And the warmth of sunny rays,
It doesn’t take very long at all
Before the world melts away

For others it’s the forest
That sets their mind at ease
The world feels completely still
When you’re surrounded by tall trees

The air somehow feels calmer
It smells remarkably fresh
Some birds tweet in the distance
And your thoughts again can mesh

So often we get caught up
In the worries of the day
We forget to worry about ourselves
And take some time away

So whether you go alone
Or with someone you hold dear
Make sure to find the time you need
To make your head feel clear
~by Willow-Anne on Hello PoetrycTranquility.jpg

Bee Designs – Maya Bay Gacha@Lost & Found
Maya Bay gacha 1(lounger)RARE
Maya Bay gacha 2(end table)
Maya Bay gacha 3(pictures)
Maya Bay gacha 4(coffee/low table)
Maya Bay gacha 5(rug)
There is also white wood versions in the gacha

Design Set:
+Half-Deer+ Beagle Puppy – Sweet Dreams
CJ Potted Plant 02
Heart – Coco Palms-Groves-Mixed
Heart – Coco Palms-Leaning-Small Cluster

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