Seaside {Relaxation}

for her
the ocean
was more
than a dream,
it was a place
she needed to visit
to find herself.

and when she returned
to the city,
you could see the sun
in her eyes, the wind
in her hair, and taste
the infinite salt
on her lips.
~by jose chaves

Hey Guys.. the Peace By Peace Hunt began today!! It goes clear through to June 3rd .. there are SO MANY wonderful items to get … and they are each only 1L!!


(JR Wolf Creations) – Tsovinar Bikini @Peace By Peace Hunt
Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, Slink, Standard XXS-L – 4 texture HuD
#30 JR Wolf Creations – Start Looking HERE
Hint: It’s all in the palm of your hand!

Truth VIP April – Jacica

Design Set:
TND (Sponsor) – Seaside Relax Set @Peace By Peace Hunt
Seaside Paddling Pool
-sits 2 w/10 poses for each
Seaside Cooler
– touch for Soda/Fruit/Popsicles
Seaside Towel Stack
Seaside Float Mattress w/5 poses
#07 True North Designs – Start looking HERE
Hint: I love to shower off the salt after a dip in the sea!Snapshot_002



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