Just Breathe

Sometimes the best thing
that you can do is not think,
not wonder, not imagine,
not obsess, Just Breathe,
and have faith that everything
will work out for the best.

This awesome arbor by Tylar’s Treasures w/swing has a hud to change the color of the flowers. TT also has a super nice hook yard lantern for sale. And the Tip Jar Barrel can be edited to remove the TIP JAR words and just use the pretty flower barrel for decoration!! 

This gorgeous dress I’m wearing comes with a hud with a whole bunch of different denim colors and the fantastic bracelet comes in so many different varieties of colors and a HuD to change the metal color and look at this super nice hair from Charme with any colors you could possibly want!

The lipstick is a pink matte color which is of course adjustable by your heads hud and comes in Catwa & Omega Huds


[RED GIRL] – Violet Dress @TWE12VE till 5-31
10 color HuD
Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink

DHX Studio @TWE12VE till 5-31
– Maiden#1
– set includes 3 posesFlowers3

C H A R M E – Irina @TWE12VE till 5-31
– Blondes, Browns, Monotones, &Reds

GO – Lipsticks @TWE12VE till 5-31
-Makeup 04 – Catwa & Omega HuDs

!IT! @TWE12VE till 5-31
– First Roses Bracelets Metal
– 10 color HuD for main band & flowers +size adjustment
– also available with flowers in misc colors

Design Set:
Tylar’s Treasures @TWE12VE till 5-31
-Woodland Glory Swing w/Cuddles
-color HuD for the flowers -teal/purple
/pink/lilac/blue/&no flowers
– Woodland Glory Garden Lantern
Khargo @TWE12VE till 5-31
– flower barrel tip jar (can edit and remove the Tip Jar sign and use for deco)

LittleBranch – Willow w/season HuD

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