Acorn of a Swamp White Oak

Born within my skin
Is a swamp white oak
Stretching its branches
Through the grey matter
In my mind
Over-taking, over-whelming
Each leaf becomes a cell
A part of me
In a most central way
And me a part of my species
A tiny acorn
In the context of its whole
Laid by an impossible
Evolution of trees
To people
~by Jimmy King on HelloPoetryLittleBranch

Design Set:
LittleBranch – SwampOakTree @The Liaison Collaborative


BeeDesigns – Pool Decor Gacha @The Liaison Collaborative
Pool Rules Log- 1 RARE
Double Seat-2 RARE
Towel Rack- 3
Deco Table w/Drinks- 4
Deco Chair- 5
Deco Table w/Food- 6
Tube float- 7
Pool Rules Sign- 8
Holdable Tube- 9
Deco Chair- 10Bee designs Pool gacha 2

Raindale – Daybreak gazebo (with string lights)
[Kres] – Alpine Pool

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