Conversation Over}~ Go! Get out! Go, go!

I tried to fix you, tried to help you, tried to understand
But we always end up right back here again
I’m out of hope, end of the rope and I’m scared to death how the story ends.
Never thought I’d hear myself say:
“Go, get out of my life, outta my bed, you’re wasting my time.
Just go! This time for sure, we’re so no more!
Conversation over!”
Conversation over!
Conversation over!
Go! Get out! Go, go!
Get out! Go, go!
Get out! Go, go!

This Chancla set from Junk Food is too freakin awesome.. when you go into mouse view you can actually THROW the flipflop at someone.. also when wearing the slapper and near enough to someone you can “slap” them with it.. but I thought it was perfect for this idea that was going round in my head for this song!! Conversation Over

FashionNatic – Bria Shorts – Colors
– 40 solids/10 prints, 40 solid colors for belt/pockets/& hem
– fit for Freya, Slink HG, & Maitreya
FashionNatic – Bria Top
– 40 solid/30 prints – main, 40 solid sleeve band & string

Conversation Over2

KASV Poses (his)- Action 1
:Riverstone: – (mine) – Snow Throw Bento Pose

Truth – Jacica

Design Set:
Junk Food – Chancla
– comes with a wearable flip flop(chancla),
slapper chancla, & throwable chancla
– 8 colors to chose from

[Kres] – Alpine Pool – PG
LB_(LittleBranch) – SweetChestNut
LB_(LittleBranch)– SwampOakTree
*Funky*Junk* – Astoria House


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