Advice from a MERMAID }~

Get your Tail To the Beach,
Don’t get tide down,
Be Shore of Yourself,
Make Waves,
Catch a Sea Breeze,
Avoid Pier Pressure,
Always Sea Life’s Beauty,
Come out of your Shell,
Take Time to Coast,
Keep the Beach Clean,
It’s my Home Sweet HomeMermaid.jpg

Design Set:
Bee Designs @ Shinny Shabby
Mermaid’s Dream Gacha
1- Mermaid to Cuddle – Yellow- RARE
2- Rug
4, 5, &8 – Shells
6- Mermaid to Cuddle – Pink – RARE
7- Mermaid Picture
9- Green Seahorse
10- Mermaid Picture
11- Blue Seahorse
12- Night Stand
13- Mermaid Picture
14- Pink Seahorse

This set is SO cute and you can find so many cute ways to use the items, all of just a few even. I decided to use the clam shells as a border at the top of the wall and I think it actually looks pretty good like that.. and I love how in the lighting they look lit up, same with the seahorses!!
Dust Bunny
-darling sectional cushion . w/back
– darling sectional – cushion . blanket
– snake plant
– hanging plants . cheese plant
– hanging plants . double planter
– folding side table
– melted candle
– getaway basket
– dreamy outing . – blanket basket
– book pile
– beach towel tote . tribal
– coral bottle . blue
– unicorn planter
– coastal vases

Half Deer
– Fairy Curtain – Long
– Fairy Curtain – Tied
– First Class Kitty – Shopaholics – Noir RARE
– Book Clutter – Stack – Dark
– First Class Kitty – Luggage – Ice Cream
– Book Clutter – Stack – Dark

PILOT – Plant Stand Trio [White]
Fancy Decor: Gold Cage Lamp
Dreamscapes Decor – *LOVE* Shelf

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