Booze~{Better than Therapy}~

Better than Therapy2.jpg

Design Set:
Salacity – Harper Avenue Bar @ Blueprint Event Sept 18th – Oc 12th
 Harper Avenue Bar Cabinet
– the cabinet has drawers and lid that opens and closes on touch
includes Accessories
– Bar Glass
– Set of Glasses
– Bourbon Bottle
– Gin Bottle
– Scotch Bottle
– Ice Bucket
Ella + Salacity – Filson Table

I wanted to show you how it looks Closed as well as OpenBetter than Therapy

7(Seven Emporium)– Marquee Letters
Sway’s – Bertha Armchair . spring

Xzari Mesh Silver Ring Curtain – New Realism

TA Bar Bottles 1 & 2

Fancy Decor
-Tartt Mirror
-Stacked Boxes
-Tortoise Shell Frame (gold)
-Birch Candles

:CP: Lincoln Road Shelf Blue

-rainbow succulent bowl
– hanging pothos.
– spider plant.
– peace lily plant
– aloe vera plant.
– aglaonema plant.
– potted pink echeveria

+Half-Deer+ – Shiba Inu – Sleepy

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