Love..Hate.. HEARTBREAK }~

This could be suicide
A kiss with these red knives
Why am I driving blind
I give back to you
Try you on for size
I thought boys don’t cry
Your my perfect lie
I give back to you
Between love
Between hate
Shake this silence back ‘fore it’s too late
And it haunts you
And it haunts you
It’s a love-hate


Eyelure – Sleep With Me Tank
– Vibe(Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe)
– Belleza(all), Slink(all), TMP, Maitreya, XXS-L
1313 Mockingbird – Eretria Moccasin Boots & Feather Dangles @ Lootbox
– Eretria Feather Dangles 1&2(worn in hair)-Loyalty Prize -unlocked after 1000L spent
– Feather Add-On (rare)
– Eretria Boots# 6-Pink Leopard
there are 9 commons & 1 RARE(black)

*elise* – Giorgia – Bento Rings
5 metal Hud with Hide/ShowLove_Hate_Heartbreak

[DB]Poses – my mind wanders and I get lost in thoughts of you..
– First pic was Edited by me,
2nd pic is actual pose

~LM~ – LINDA says @HairFair


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