Tiger Safari }~ memories ..

The hairs on my neck still stand on end
When I think of that one experience
Feeling vulnerable in an open jeep
Praying for a sighting, a single peek
Knowing somewhere near us
Lurking in this deep wilderness
He pads softly, in virtual silence
His tyranny- in impending violence.

As we hold our breaths, hearts pounding fast
He walks coolly, onto our dirt track
As he turns around, to give us a glance
We know this could be, our last chance
To shoot this awe-inspiring, venerable beast
Whose one massive swing, and we are a feast
Our cameras pointed, at His Highness
That piercing gaze, simply priceless
Capturing him, who could kill
For a moment, time stands still.

~by Sumali Nagarajan

Safari Dreams

Salacity @Ultra
– Safari Set:
Antique Spyglass
Open Book
Pith Helmet
Safari Desk
Safari Mug
Safari Stool

Salacity – Antique Tripod Table
– menu to hide/show books & lamp
– touch on/off light
Salacity– Casual Stripes Rug
!! Follow US !! – Suitcase photographer
Construct – Mesh Poster Wall
Bazar – Toronto-World map art

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