Trick or Treat}~

A bowl of candy, a bag of treats,
A dish of tasty, sugary sweets,
Knock I do, then knock some more,
Trick or Treat we call at your door.



Bee designs – Trick Or Treating Gacha @ Shiny Shabby
10 items – 2 Rare (Trick or Treaters) & 8 Common Decor

Salacity – Antique Tripod Table
R(S)W – Pumpkin Candy Bowl @ Salem
+Half-Deer+ – Starlit Spiderweb – Corner Full Web
Pewpew! – Halloween Set @ Salem 2018
– Hanging Frame – Pumpkin
– Happy Halloween Shelve Light (Decor)
Ariskea – [Aristocrats] @ Salem
– Chandelier Black Cob web
Jian – Pumpkin Pupper

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