Commitment Issues}~


1313 Mockingbird Lane @ Salem thru Oct.31st
Commitment Issues Gacha – Bloody RAREs Worn
– Gown
– Skirt Belting
– Sleeves
Commons are available in
– Black, Beige, Brown, & Green
– Boots, Gown, Harness, Mini-Dress,
Skirt Belting, & Sleeves

Salacity – The Horror Room
– extensive poses built in for “patient & Doctor”Snapshot_089

No.Match – No.Twist

Zibska ~ Noir Pack Vol 13
– Catwa & Lelutka Huds
[POUT!] – Toxic Spill Black Lipstick
-Catwa & Lelutka

Design Set:
Get Stuff – Girl – Bloody – Sitting
[MF] – bloody wrapped body bag (laying)
[MF] – devored bloody body
Mesh County – male dead body under sheet

Namrah’s Wearing:
Doe – Brains
erratic – julia – ex-boyfriend shirt / bloody (maitreya)
erratic – taylor – denim pants / bloody (maitreya)

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