Could Be Halloween}~

Yowling, prowling, growling cat
Why do you switch your tail like that?
Why do your eyes flash gold and green?
Could be–must be–Halloween!

Slinky, inky, blinky cat,
Why do you arch your back like that?
What scary creatures have you seen?
Could be–must be- Halloween!


MOoH! @Secret Affair thru Nov. 5th
Creepy Bears Gacha
Mini Avatars
75L a pull
2 Rares – 6 Common93N1538853240

Design Set:
Nevermore Tree & Nevermore Candle Shelf @Quote the Raven Hunt
(Hint: You can try to hide under the desk, but it’s still gonna get ya!)
Hallowindow Kitty (10L)&
Witch’s Junk Table(2L Hunt Item) @Welcome to Heck Cart Sale thru Oct. 31st
R(S)W – Pumpkin Candy Bowl
Jian – Pumpkin Pupper
Bee Designs – Trick Or Treating Gacha @ Shiny ShabbyKTP1537653717
Pewpew! – Hanging Frame – Pumpkin

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