Screaming midnight chimes,
hidden alibis illuminate your crimes,
ferule moonlit beams of light,
recoil in the shadows, glowing in white,
shaking soul in the twilight zone,
kicking up dust as you run for home,
emotions take you by the hand,
scatter away like the desert sand,
cold trip in a purple haze,
eaten away in the last of these days,
haunted, we are all haunted,
ghosts of the past gnaw at our thoughts,
searching in vane for safer ports .
~by Haydn Swan


Design Set:
Bee Designs(Gacha Center) – Halloween Wagon Gacha -HalloweentownBee Designs Halloween Wagon gacha

khargo – halloween cursed cauldron gift @The Mad Circus
khargo – halloween witch cauldron @TWE12VE
BALACLAVA!! – The Nameless Kid
CHEZ MOI – Main Spider Wall
[DDD] – Creeping Fog – Long/Dense
Little Branch
– BlackTree{Animated}
– WildGrass
– Snakeweed

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