Here in My Quiet Place}~

Here in my quiet place
All is calm
All is peaceful
All is serene
All is tranquil
It is as placid as a cool spring day
The sound of a babbling brook fills my ears with a harmonious melody
The trees rock to the soft breeze’s gentle lullaby
The crisp green grass crunches beneath my feet
A chorus of birds rejoice in the coming of a beautiful day
The sun’s smile warms my skin
And the clouds, like a herd of sheep, graze in a large blue meadow
Here in my quiet place
I am relaxed
~by: Garrett Bradley

LittleBranch_Boardwalk Blog.png

Boardwalk Event Exclusives from:
– Emile Chair-includes 17F, 8M, & 18 Couple/Adult poses
– Emile Side Table
– Moon Beams Lamp w/on-off
– Neptunes Radio – load radio urls into it and it works with the land

Serenity Style
-Wishful Cabin w/texture change curtain

-Little Buffet Warm White (cm)
– also avail. in Dk Wood, Lt Wood, & Moldy Wood Looks

Starlight Designs
– Stay Happy Floor Canvas (avail in wall hanging as well)
– Small Heart Rug (maroon)(other colors and a larger size also available)

*PC* (Petit Chat)
-Blooming Frame (Square) Candy(other colors also available)
-Blooming Frame (Rectangle) Yellow(other colors also available)

Little Branch
KoreanBeechTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons @Enchantment

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