The day after}~ … Christmas

Taking in the peacefulness of the day after Christmas, reflecting on the holiday and time spent with loved ones but thankful for it to be over! What’s NOT over is the Peace on Earth Hunt .. its going on till the 31st and there are some really awesome Hunt items out there like this WHOLE living room set which can be mixed and matched or used all together!! Plus what better to relax in and enjoy the peaceful morning than these cozy jammies!? I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday spent with family & friends!! ♥Winter Garden Room.png

Ink Blots – Jammies
– Belleza, Maitreya, eBody, Slink, Tonic, Ocacin, FitMesh XS-L
Hint: Don’t fall from GRACE this holiday season.

Hair & Makeup:
Exile – Cheri

built into furniture

Design Set:
TND  – Winter Garden Room
Hint: ‘Oh, I just get so BEHIND on OFFICE work at this time of year!’
Includes: Lamp, Rug, Space Heater(on/off), Acorn Trinket Box(opens),
Boxwood Stems&Pussywillows, Caged Cardinal,
GardenBooks & Coffee, Goody Tray, Cabinet,
Ceramic Horse, Cushion Basket, Room Divan,
Hassock, Knitting Basket, Table, Window, Shelf w/items
{Roawenwood} – Winter Snowglobe
Hint: Balderdash! Memories and tokens from the Faire

[Circa] – Advent Calendar Gifts
– “Christmas Jewel” Mini Tree w/ Lights – Aurora
– “Woodlands” Holiday Candle – Winter Blue
– “Happy Holidays” HO HO HO Marquee Sign – Red
– “Holly Days” Festive Plate Stand – Xmas Red

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