Whole Lotta The Blues

All that’s needed to get in a groove
Is some good coffee
And a whole lotta blues
Time flies by with too much to do
And in the back of my mind
I think of you
All this work and I’m not getting younger
And it’s these moments
That are composing my forever
Wish I could shake off the dust
That’s settled in
Maybe sit in a coffeeshop
With you again
And share a cup of coffee or two
Waxing philosophy and sharing our views
But for now it’s just coffee and
A whole lotta the blues
~by Hopeful Ponderer Feb 2017

Coffee Shop.png

Boardwalk Presents:
Coffee Shop
Z.O.E. Boardwalk Exclusives
Boho Coffee Shop Chairs Promo
– Chair comes with a no blanket and a blanket version. 21 single sits
Coffee Shop Candle Tables Promo
– 4 color versions in the pack
Coffee Cup Clock – Fatpack Promo
– 5 different colors available for purchase, as well as the fatpack (price is buy 4 get one free) Clocks can be changed for preferred time zone.
Z.O.E @ main store
Painted Small Cabinet
Silly Coffee Mug Hanger
Boho Coffee Shop Rug

examples of some of the poses shown belowcollagecollage2

including items from:
Balaclava!! – Magazine Rack

Bazar – Toronto-Coffee art

{what next}
Colonna Coffee Bar Wall Decor (lit)
Fox Mug Decor (Coffee)
Fall Woodland Drinks (Coffee)

-M51CM-186GA :: coffee mill
-M51CC-186GA :: coffee canister A

Ravyn’s Roost
– Coffee Tile Art
– Coffee Metal Wall Art
coffee sign
Tidbits – Coffee Beans – Panel Wall Art – Tidbits

– Bella Bakery Gacha- Counter (no display)- RARE
– Bella Bakery Gacha – Counter (2 Display) – RARE

Maya’s Buildings – The Twin Peaks Cafe Collection

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