She leaned back against him enjoying as the snow began to fall. She knew he was uncomfortable and thinks .. (I told him to wear gloves .. men!)
She just wanted to stay out and enjoy the snow for a little longer. This is the kind of snow she remembers from her childhood and she always gets excited for it.
He squirms a bit under her and she asks “Are you uncomfortable?” .. He responds with a stubborn, mumbled “NO” ..
She grins knowing that he is and as she starts to tell him to just enjoy it.. she gasps from the cold hand he’d snuck under her coat but lets out a laugh, grinning she shrugs and tells him “I told you to wear gloves.. MEN!”clyde winter cabin gacha2

LW: Bento Poses – *Love On The Brain @ Trés Chic.

Design Set:
Sway’s [Clyde] Winter Home Gacha @ Gachaland  – till Jan31st
Winter Cottage- RARE- with 3 texture options: blue, green and brown
Porch Bench – RARE – with 3 texture options for Pillow, 5 Single and 3 Couple animations.
Topiary small and tall
Fire Wood
Bench with Snow –
Sled with snow
Stepping Stones, straight and corner Doormat with clean and dirty options with green and pink boots –
Snowman . Hitchhiker GLE – with 6 texture options for sign: North Pole, Alaska, Norway, Bondi Beach, Florida and Malibu
This is only available at The GachaLand and will be retired after the event, as well as the exclusive gift!
Gift – Stay Cozy Pillows

.:Tm:.Creation – Don’t go Away Scene @ Boardwalk
gorgeous creation that can be used w/ or without the snow add on so definitely can be used for lots of landscaping needs!!._Tm_.Creation ADV GM20 Don't go Away Scene.jpg

Z.O.E. Glitter Snow Mound 2.1
Heart – WW – Deep Forest Pine 1

:HAIKEI: – Just lazy Rug / V.3.

andika – Unhurried time decor.

Munky’s Wearing:
!MOZ Pia Belted Leather Jacket
!MOZ – Roll Cuff Jeans
*Tentacio* – Aran boots pink
CLBlue – Formal Gloves(short)

-Fabia- Gerda

What Ryan’s Wearing:(check out his post here)
Gabriel  @ The Epiphany
1.::GB:: M51 Jacket / Black RARE (using the high neck / Fur attachment )
3.::GB:: M51 Jacket / Dull Wine
6.::GB::Leather strap pants / Black
11.::GB:: Flat buckle sneakers / Black


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