The Land of the Unicorns}~

I awoke one morning to a land that was new.
Where the clouds were white and the sky a soft blue.

This land was strange,there was nothing I knew.
So I sat there on the soft green moss, and contemplated what to do.

But then,out of the corner of my eye, I saw a light shimmer.
The light came from the trees.
So pure, so beautiful,but barely visible through the thick leaves.

It was a pale pale white, and sparkled like the dawn, peeking up through the night. Then I saw what had caused the light.
It was a peaceful unicorn walking gracefully through the night.

At first I was frightened. But then my fear was no more.
The unicorn came to talk to me and made me in awe all the more.

He said,”Dear child be not afraid, here in the Land of Unicorns we do whatever you bade.
While here be peaceful and calm. Let no troubles enter your mind. You are welcome here.”

I most humbly replied, “Thank you kind sir, I will do as you say,
now please, let me get on your back. Take me away.”

He didn’t reply, only shook his head.
Then walked softly off as I lay down on my soft green bed.
~by Jennifer

AUnicornDay _Sunburst2.png

Unicorn Gacha
4 styles in 5 colors
includes several poses for each
you can’t go wrong with this gacha

MOoH! – Kim Romper
Maitreya, Belleza, Tonic, Slink, XXS-L
6 color Hud

-FABIA- < Arty>

Design Set:
Hayabusa Design
Decorative Tree of Flower
3 versions
Hud for changing the foliage, flowers, the “wind” speed”, mark & so much more!
AD Groundcover – Purple Petals

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