I Scream, You Scream, We all ScreeAAAAHhhhhhhh}~


feat. Salacity – Main Sponsor @ Boardwalk
Zesty’s Dairy Bar
also including more decor from:
Cafe Table
Coffee Cup Chair
Table Umbrella

Junk Food
Big Bucket O’ Fries (Ketchup) Rez
– Cheddar Hold/Rez, Regular Hold/Rez,
& Ketchup(shown) Hold/Rez Versions Available
Chicken Bucket (Spicy) Rez
– Regular Version also available w/Rex&Hold options
Slurper Orange (Static-which I rezzed)
– each “flavor” comes with a static or animated version)
– 8 different flavors
Slurper Berry
Burger Platter(from Grilling Set)
Ketchup & Mustard(from Grilling Set)
Empanada Box w/Sherona Bottle

Jian – Lively Labs :: White Wander Pup

Vinyl – Hellershanks Sweater Dress
-KC- Rebekah High Boots

CurioObscura-Pratfall -Trip2

KUNI – Noelle (Brown Pack)

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