Little Bandits}~

Little bandits raid my trash,
hiding behind their little masks.
The rascals have themselves a bash,
leaving me to clean up the aftermath.
I turn on the lights and off they dash,
scurrying into the night in a flash,
but all will return back very soon.
They know I have a special fondness for the raccoon.
Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2015

littlebranch whiteash

KiX @ Boardwalk
Tree Seat
– 4 versions MF or Lesbian in Adult or PG for each
MF PG Version includes Singles & Couples & “Refreshments” which
sends you an attachement for Beer/Wine/Juice/Coffee/
Tea/Pink Champagne/Soda/& Ice Cream
– texture change for the bench/pillow/blanket
Lantern Stand – on/off

EED Home & Garden @ Boardwalk
Spring Garden w/ Owl Bench
– includes animations for Ladies/Males/Friends/Couples

Little Branch
Bouton d’or Orange{Field}

Raccoon Stump
Raccoon Collection

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