Stop and Take Time}~

‘Stop and take time’
is a phrase to remind
Often paced
in this race
we call life
We will face
Ourselves stumble and fall
far from grace
Get upset
thrown off track or lose sight of
and just plain forget

A respite put aside
Even small amount set
Where our life’s placed on pause
No more trying to get
We’re not running or chasing
This moment is still
Left behind is that drive
To consume and fulfill

For a minute it’s tranquil
We clear our filled heads
Ruminating no more
on what’s done and what’s said
A stillness
to find inner peace
Or get back what’s been lost
If not all;
just a piece
~ by Micrography-Mike D ElmTree.png

Sway’s – Mayra Half Circular Bench
10 single poses and 6 couples
texture change hud for the wood & accessories

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Including items from:
Fancy Decor – Davis Fence Kit

Jian :: Squirrel Feeder
Jian :: Squirrel (Wanderer)

anxiety – sincerity [city fillers] #3

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