Purple Passion}~

Royal, rich, deep purple
brilliant luminous petals
drink the pulse of light
from the fleeting flash
burn the fragrant color
into the cell, cut through
the fog, radiant hue
seal a moment with your power
capture the instant
of purple passion
~ by Raymond A Foss


(*<*) 1313 @ Sultry till March 2nd
Marilyn Babydoll – Fatpack
Babydoll/Bralette, & Thong
Maitreya size ONLY
12 color Miz & Match Fatpack in Sheer or Opaque
Reign. – Peep Toe LaceUps

Iconic – Althea

FOXCITY. – Photo Booth – B A D
FOXCITY. – Stiletto Stool (poses)

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