False Spring}~

False Spring
End of September is a strange interlude
in Algarve´s countryside.
Flowers suddenly bloom and yellow grass
turns green, for a few weeks it looks like
spring before sinking back to winter gloom.
The cork tree, dark and nude its dress has
has been turned into bottle stoppers and
and no leaves protect its misery.
Still it is looking inwards pretend not to be
there while waiting for spring, when
my almond three strews pink snow flakes
on the sandy lane and life begins again.
Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2012Snapshot_001

Little Branch @ Uber

NewChurch @ Hello Tuesday
The Pacifica Pavilion

[Febo] Flowerpot with Monstera
– comes with 3 pot decor versions
[Rhea] Autumn Hangout . Basket with Pillows / light
[Piggy] Flowerpot with Succulent B
[Panda] Flowerpot with Succulent B

Chez Moi @ Hello Tuesday 2/26/19
Orchid Patio Set

Lacrime dell’anima
Floral Hanging Hammock – Green V2
Floral Lounge – Green (PG Version)


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