Believe that life is worth living and
your belief will help create the fact.
~William James


Design Set:
– Caliper Shelf
– Romance Rug
PG(used) & Adult available
Contemporary(shown) – 13 color style on Hud
PG Poses 6 poses(his & hers) for standing around socializing &
LOTS of poses for dancing & cuddling for couples
Keepsake Box (Cinnamon Red)

Vase with branch lights
Teacup with agave
Teacup with fern
Teacup with orchid
Teacup with cactus
Sugar bowl with Roses white
Jug with tulips
Doll head Black agave
Doll head Pink flower bush
Rotating light cage silver

: N :: (NewChurch) – Etheria Chair, Desert Sage

Z.O.E. – Lighted Jar Empty

Fancy Decor
Cloche Clock (silver)
Stacked Boxes

Eliavah ~ Stillglass Roses 1

Xzari Curtain – NewPassion

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