There are Elves and Fairies yet}~

Children, Children, Don’t Forget
There are elves and fairies yet.
Where the knotty hawthorn grows
Look for prints of fairy toes.
Where the grassy rings are green
Moonlight dances shall be seen.
Watch and wait: O’lucky you,
If you find a fairy shoe:
For a ransom he will pay,
Hobbling barefoot all the day.
Lay it on his mushroom seat,
Wish your wish, and go your way.
If your wish sould be discreet,
Never fear but he will pay.
~by Dora OwenElven Garden

MOoH! @ Enchantment – LotR theme till March 4th (so HURRY)
Elven door and wall
Garden wall corner
Garden wall
Elven bath 7LI RARE
Elven 5LI RARE
Ivy gazebo
Elven bench gold
Elven table gold
Elven chair silver
Elven branch chair(Hunt item
Hint: Let’s hope spring brings us lots of cherry blossom


MOoH! Elven branch chair Hunt Gift

-DRD- – Elves

TRS Designs – Elf Plush
Common Rose
Rare Winter
Uncommon Silver

Hayabusa Design
Decorative Tree of Flower ML1-1, ML2-1 & ML3-1

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