Spring has come…}~

Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!
~Sitting Bull

Pool House

Boardwalk Exclusives thru April 15th

Little Branch
including the following items @ their store
White Mulberry Tree
Wild Grass
Moon Flower Shrub

These trees are so beautiful its hard to do them justice
in a picture! There’s a slight subtle movement to the leaves,
& season change menu on touch.

[FB] Fat Bird
Peregrine Pool House
-super cute little house with a little
“conservatory” area under the stairs & one side has a waterfall look.
-Comes in a white tintable version as well
as a patterned “wallpaper” version
-both versions are copy/mod
-approx footprint is 20×15
-includes Tropical Bird Prints
(I will be showing more of the inside in a later post)

Texture change in menu after sit,
& rezzable props as well as lots
of nice poses
Cane Collection
– Cane Bench
– Cane Chair
– Cane Table

I wanted to get closer shots so you can see the beautiful colors for the chairs & hanging bed. The Table has rezzable objects that can be rezzed & cleared to fit your needs. PicMonkey CollageDecor

Tylar’s Treasures
4 Seasons Hanging Nest(tree version shown)
also comes with a porch version(no tree)
touch menu w/ 5 colors blanket/pillows & season change
6 Bento Couple Cuddles
6 male & female singles + sequence
Hydrangea Planter w/ Texture Change

Hayabusa Design Grass with wind effect

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