Can I come in? .. }~

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Little Branch @ Bloom till April 7th
The following are at their main store:

Z.O.E, Eclectic, Chalupa Dig Designs & Hilted all at Boardwalk till April 15th!
Adult Sized Comfy Chair 1&2
-12 single poses
Child Sized Comfy Chair 1
(also available in a greenish blue color)
– 6 child poses
Hanging Door Picture Frames
-insert your picture
Classic Southern Ceiling Fan
-3 light intensity & 3 fan speeds

I wanted to include close ups of the gorgeousness of these chairs AND to show the cute/silly little emoji buttons on the pillows of the chairs!! Can I come in Collage

And aren’t these jars fantastic!? Jar colors

Pumpkin Pouf
-4 animations & 11 gorgeous colors
Dripping Vase Big, Medium, & Small
– several color options in either Bold, Muted, or Trendy colors, 4 options under each

Lennox Collection – Full Pack
The building comes with a Rezzer
-see additional pics to see the misc. pieces that
you can use to create a unique design
for your own personal look!

The picture on the right shows a black “post” and a wood one, these can be used to make an endcap on the raw ends of the pieces, the left pictures shows ALL the individual pieces there are to create a unique look. The white section is sand, the dark is dirt, and the gray/blue is water. 

Hilted Collage

Chalupa Digs Design
Belladonna Daybed Adult
Boho(used w/edit to the draped top)
there are 13 colors to chose from
Flower and Vase
-This Daybed is LOADED with animations for singles & couplesSnapshot_009Belladonna ad 1024

Including items from:
Beagle Pup- Companion
JIAN Kitten Collection
Static (Inquisitive)
Static (Sleepy 1)
Sitting Kitten *FaMESHED Bonus*

[DDD] – Spring Poppy Patches @FLF

Bright Color Squares Rug
[croire] – rug from the attic (5)

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