I am Relaxed}~

Here in my quiet place
All is calm
All is peaceful
All is serene
All is tranquil
It is as placid as a cool spring day
The sound of a babbling brook fills my ears with a harmonious melody
The trees rock to the soft breeze’s gentle lullaby
The crisp green grass crunches beneath my feet
A chorus of birds rejoice in the coming of a beautiful day
The sun’s smile warms my skin
And the clouds, like a herd of sheep, graze in a large blue meadow
Here in my quiet place
I am relaxed
~by: Garrett Bradley


(*<*) 1313 @ Black Fair thru May 4th
Melora Leggings – Fatpack
Maitreya ONLY
10 main/short colors & 7 netting styles which
can be turned off/on & loose or fitted
.epoch. –  ingrid crop. unicorn pack.HUD Key

TRUTH – Horizon
{Vaydia} – The Widows Peak

alaskametro<3 “Lana” eyeliner
LIVIA::Deep Crush Lipstick

Haven Female Pose 244

Design Set:
T-Spot Mesh – Wildflower Patch – Example 1, 2, & 3

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