The Graffiti Soul}~

Some memories are just graffiti to the soul
Father time’s hands can try to scrub the artwork away but some
images will forever be tattooed a woeful masterpiece
~by Kellin Sep 2018


FashionNatic – Chloe Dress
– Maitreya & Freya ONLY
– 20 Prints/40 Solids for
Main/Side/String/Ruffle @ Breast
-40 solid colors for Panties
KC– Cagliari Wedges

Vanity Hair – Diablessa
Doe – Mia (right)

Cazimi – Fruity

Serendipity – laura
– poses 2&3 used

Design Set:
[IK] – Street Style Set
– Graffiti Wall – 6 styles of graffiti
– Painting Set
– Backpack B
– Scaffold

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